Portrait Photography

Few of us are professional models. So when the need arises for a professional portrait for a press release, website, special occasion, election or whatever there are usually a few jitters. My job as a professional photographer is to get my subject relaxed and comfortable for the shoot. It is my job to make everyday people look their absolute best on film, no matter how nervous they might be inside!

Usually we have a ‘better’ side, so I shoot from both directions, asking the subject to adjust their position and smile to get a range of options. Usually a minor adjustment of head position will have a dramatic impact on the overall shot.

Portraits can be shot anywhere, from a back yard to studio to airport tarmac! The shot in the sequence above of Hayden Kenny with the Energex helicopter was shot at Sunshine Coast Airport for a cover of Living Now magazine.

Professional portraits can dramatically increase the professionalism of a website. The doctors at the popular Mooloolaba medical centre – Bundilla Clinic - are pictured in both relaxed and more formal portraits. The entire website and company gains stature from the professional imagery. See the Our Doctors page with portraits here.