Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is a powerful way to show location and the target property assets. Higher altitude images (up to 8,000 feet ASL) are great to show large tracts of land and relative position of large properties in relation to amenities such as highways, cities and ocean that are not actually very close by. Lower altitude images (up to 400 feet (120m)) are excellent ways to show properties that are smaller and closer to amenities. We use fixed wing aircraft and helicopters for high altitude photographs, and our helium filled blimp for all low altitude photography. Aircraft are not allowed to fly below 1000 feet over built-up areas, so for elevated photos in cities below 1000 ft the only solution is


The Stonemaster Quarry Team wish to extend their appreciation for the aerial shoot Blimpworx has provided them.  The digital photos have become an invaluable tool in our day to day business, assisting us with the onward development of the quarry and even for the tasks we didn’t initially think of, like overlaying the photos with the location of safety devices (fire extinguishers, first aid kits, muster points), cable layouts, and traffic management.  Your aerial photos have become an integral part of the way we do business.  Thanks again!
Dani Manderson, Quarries Management Support, Fulton Hogan